CamSur Foods and Shots!

Day 1 – Sept. 8

This post are all photos with minimal blabbering. Haha. It’s much better viewing it na wala masyadong binabasa. The detailed itinerary is on this link. Enjoy browsing! 😀

Me and besie aboard on the plane

We arrived in Naga City at around 11am, so we stopped by SM Naga to eat our lunch. Tada! Triboo Grill, parang Bicolano version ng inasal food chain.

Lunch at Triboo Grill

The famous Bicol Express

Ginataang Laing

Besie’s order, BBQ with Laing


Off to Sabang, we rode a van and had to walk going to the hotel inn as there was an ongoing procession.

Breath-taking view at Sabang

Besie and the scenic view

Our room at Southern Horizon Hotel

Day 2 – Sept. 9

From Sabang to Caramoan, we rode a pump-boat (I forgot what they call it). Since it was early morning, the view while traveling was spectacular!

A wonderful view of the sunrise

Green pasture can be seen. Untouched nature it is.

Nibbling on cookies, tiis gutom muna.

Mayon Volcano from afar

We were really enthralled upon arriving at Residencia de Salvacion. The place looks small from the outside but once you entered the house, you’ll be surprised with the number of rooms it has and the spacious area! Click this link to check RDS’ website.

We happily entered our room at RDS.

The Living/Entertainment Area

RDs’ interior space

The Dining Area

A sumptuous breakfast prepared by Ate Lapo

And this is where our Island Hopping begins!

As I was taking picture, this fisherman also posed for the camera. Kaw na Kuya!

Green, green everywhere…

First Stop: Matukad Island

Matukad Island

Isn’t the place majestic?

Waiting for a message in a bottle, Besie?

As you can see, we’re not wearing the ordinary tank top and shorts ensemble. Besie and I decided to wear dresses during the island hopping to make picture-taking more fun!

Parang dinikit lang ako sa picture na ‘to. 😀

Second Stop: Lahos Island

Lahos Island


A family trying to catch small fishes.

Delicious lunch at the island!

Super nag-enjoy ako dito. Ang lalaki!

Ang masarap na bagoong

Third Stop: Cagbanilad Island

Not Cagbalinad Island. An island we passed by. Looked like a huge turtle.

Cagbanilad Island

Cagbanilad’s mark is this big rock.

Honongan Beach. We can’t go there as it’s a resort and we have to pay an entrance fee.

A hermit crab on a closer view.

Aerial shot! Hehe

Fourth Stop: ____ Islet?

Forgot the name of this islet…

This rock looked more like a sea throne!

Since we still have time to go to other places, we decided to check out Gota Beach Resort.

Gota Beach Resort

Several cottages are built in Gota, all of which are air-conditioned. Lodging is pretty pricey though.

After an exhausting but enjoyable island hopping, the delicious dinner seemed like a wonderful gift to us.

Pata Tim

Sweet Adobong Sugpo

Large fish (nakalimutan ko ang name). About 12 inches.

Karaoke time with Besie tapos!

Besie singing… “La, la, la…”

Day 3 – Sept. 10

Our last day in Caramoan and last night in Naga City.  Checked in at CBD Plaza Hotel and relaxed at Panicuason Hot Spring Resort.

Another sumptuous breakfast!

Our last hours at our room in RDS.

The old church at Caramoan

Me at the church’s entrance

Love this shot!

Picture-taking with Ate Gina

Eat All You Can for less than P200 just beside CBD Plaza Hotel.

A large selection of viands to choose from

More, more, mooore!

Just ate a plateful. Di na ‘ko nakapag-2nd batch.

3 hot springs at Panicuason. Each with a different temperature.

Enjoying the hot spring!

In deep thinking… “Kelan kaya mauulit ‘to?”

Me and besie on the plane going back to Manila

And here are some extra pictures I took when we were high above the clouds.

You guessed it right! That’s the Pasig River.

Tall buildings is the signature of Philippines’ busiest region.

And that’s all about it! If you want to view more pictures of our CamSur escapade, you may add me on Facebook. Ciao!


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